Crazy Tooth Slots

Crazy Tooth Studio is led by Ben Hoffman, who has extensive experience in the online casino games industry. The company designs and develops land-based slot machines, as well as online and social casino games. In 2011 they were founded in Reno, Nevada, where they will be launching their flagship product later this year.

The company’s name is derived from its founder’s dog, Choco. The studio’s unique style of 3D slot machines has enabled it to secure partnerships with major casinos.

List with Most Famous Crazy Tooth Games

Crazy Tooth Studio strives to offer a broad range of games that appeal to players of all levels of experience. The developer’s slots have unique features and functions, as well as varying levels of volatility – high, medium and low. These games are designed for everyone!

Slots features developed by Crazy Tooth Studio

Thanks to CTS Arsenal, Crazy Tooth Studio can quickly create premium slot games from the beginning of development to completion. This feature has enabled the company to form alliances with game developers Microgaming and Scientific Games. Customers can monitor the game development process and make changes as needed so that the final result meets their needs and expectations.

Gameplay and features

Crazy Tooth Studio creates original online slots that stand out from the crowd. Their games are unique because they offer some distinctive features. For example, The Incredible Balloon Machine has a WINCREASE feature that increases your profits during winning sessions. In regular slots, you spin reels during bonus rounds to collect winning symbols. Here, however, your goal is different: blow up balloons until they burst. This is a particular embodiment of the secret treasure circles already embodied in other games.


In this slot, you can win a jackpot worth up to 7,777 times your bet. The creators of the game have added an exciting twist: a new spinning reel appears after a beautifully designed Lucky 7 symbol appears on a payline, and so on up to seven times. This additional feature is exclusive to this design. Players become more animated in general and the probability of winning also increases.

Volatility and common themes

The studio creates games that have different levels of volatility. Fortress Charge, for instance, has a large pot and can pay out up to 16,000 times the bet. The betting limits are lower on this game than on some others; the minimum bet is 10 cents, while others allow bets up to $460. Some slots emphasize adventure and mythology, while others feature warriors or superheroes.

Crazy Tooth Games Winning Potential

Crazy Tooth Studio’s slots have a lot of potential for big wins.

  • Seven 7’s: 50,000x
  • Fortress Charge: 16,000x
  • 777 Mega Deluxe: 6,601x
  • Arctic Valor: 6,031x
  • Diamond Force: 3,400x
  • Aureus: 2,431x

Crazy Tooth Studios RTP

Crazy Tooth Studio offers a return-to-production (RTP) rate of 96-97%.

  • Queen of the Crystal Rays: 96,70%
  • Arctic Valor: 96,70%
  • Seven 7’s: 96,60%
  • Diamond Force: 96,50%
  • Fortress Charge: 96,50%
  • Lucky Clucks: 96,20%
  • 777 Mega Deluxe: 96,10%

Crazy Tooth Studios Volatility

Crazy Tooth Studio offers three levels of slot machine volatility. The highest volatility level consists of these popular slots:

  • Seven 7’s
  • Diamond Force
  • Lucky Clucks
  • Fortress Charge
  • 777 Mega Deluxe
  • Ancient Warriors

Questions and Answers

Which are the best casinos for players who like Crazy Tooth Studios?

We recommend playing at N1 Casino and Slothunter. Both are reputable sites with strong reputations in the online gambling industry.

How many games has Crazy Tooth Studios created?

Crazy Tooth Studio has created 35 slot games so far.

Is Crazy Tooth Studios a legitimate company? What licenses does it hold?

Yes, Crazy Tooth Studio is a licensed and regulated company.

What kinds of games does Crazy Tooth Studios develop?

Crazy Tooth Studio is a custom slot machine developer.

Bottom line

Crazy Tooth Studios is a cutting-edge technology provider that produces quality slot games at an unprecedented speed. Games by Crazy Tooth Studio offer stunning visuals and inventive gameplay elements, with jackpots ranging from 50K to 1.8M. The RTP rate is 96-97% and there are several volatility levels for players who enjoy different types of slots.

Crazy Tooth success lies in an in-house development called CTS Arsenal, which created many land machines as well as online versions. The company pioneered original concepts such as round drums and has recently gained popularity thanks to its innovative approach.