Megaways Slots

Megaways Slots

Online slot games have significantly evolved from their origins, with one of the most thrilling advancements being the introduction of Megaways. Developed by Big Time Gaming, this innovative feature has revolutionized the online gambling scene, providing players with ample opportunities to secure substantial winnings on each spin.

All Megaways™ Slots – Reviews & Demo Play offers a top-notch selection of Megaways slot games from renowned developers, all licensed by BTG. Though they come in various styles, each embodies the essence of online gaming. If you’re looking to maximize your winning opportunities, these innovative slots are the ideal choice!

What are Megaways Slots?

Megaways slot games were first created by Australian developer Big Time Gaming in 2015. This innovative twist on traditional slots quickly gained popularity, spreading to numerous online casinos. Numerous online game providers have partnered with Big Time Gaming to create slots using the Megaways mechanic. Today, many classic slots are being reimagined in Megaways versions.


  • Cascading wins accumulate larger payouts per spin
  • Unique slot engine with thousands of ways to win
  • Free Spins featuring limitless progressive multipliers.
  • Bonus Buy features and reel modifiers
  • Advanced visual appearance
  • RTP rate is often ranging
  • Gameplay could be too complex for newbies

But what exactly is Megaways and how does it function? Simply put, it is a mechanism that enables an almost infinite number of possible winning combinations on a single spin. Conventional slots usually feature a set number of paylines, typically between 10 and 20, which restricts the winning opportunities. In contrast, Megaways slots can offer up to 117,649 ways to win on each spin. This is made possible through a system of cascading reels and random multipliers, allowing the number of possible winning combinations to vary with each spin.

Megaways has become immensely popular with slot enthusiasts due to its engaging gameplay, which enhances excitement and offers larger potential payouts. Additionally, the cascading reels feature provides multiple opportunities for players to win within a single spin. It’s clear why numerous other slot developers have incorporated the Megaways mechanic.

This article dives into Megaways, explaining its mechanics and highlighting some top Megaways slots to play today. We’ll explore the unique features, special bonuses, and the intense volatility these games offer. Whether you’re a veteran slot player or new to online gambling, this comprehensive guide to an exhilarating game system

What are the Best Megaways Slots to Play?

With the wide variety of Megaways slots now available, choosing where to begin can be challenging. Here are some of the most popular Megaways slots on the market today:

Savage Buffalo Spirit

Savage Buffalo Megaways - Scatters

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways is a prairie-themed slot from BGaming, known for its high volatility and numerous ways to win. It offers significant payouts, reaching up to x6,000, along with cascading reels, wild multipliers, and free spins featuring progressive win multipliers up to x25. Please note that Bonus Buy may not be available in all regions.

Extra Chilli Megaways

Extra Chilli Slot Megaways - Symbols

Extra Chilli Megaways utilizes Big Time Gaming’s innovative Megaways game engine to maximize winning opportunities. Set in a vibrant Mexican market, symbols include chilli peppers, sombreros, and senoritas. The game features cascading reels, replacing winning symbols with new ones for added winning potential. Extra Chilli Megaways attracts online slot enthusiasts with its thrilling gameplay and substantial payout potential, offering up to 20,000 times the player’s stake. This high volatility game promises lucrative rewards despite its risks, boasting a generous RTP of 96.19%. It’s a favorite among players seeking an exhilarating and rewarding gaming session.

Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways Symbols

Bonanza Megaways utilizes Big Time Gaming’s innovative Megaways game engine, offering numerous winning combinations to enhance player odds. Set in a gold mine, symbols like gold carts, diamonds, and dynamite populate the reels. The cascading reels feature replaces winning symbols with new ones, potentially yielding additional wins. Bonanza Megaways attracts many online slot enthusiasts because of its substantial payout potential and thrilling gameplay. It offers a maximum win of 12,000 times the bet, appealing especially to high-stakes players seeking significant rewards. Despite its high volatility, which adds risk, the game’s potential for big payouts makes it

Jungle Spirit Megaways

Jungle Spirit Megaways - Symbols

NetEnt releases Jungle Spirit Megaways in 2024, enhancing its predecessor’s essence with Big Time Gaming’s engine. This new slot features 6 reels with 2 to 7 dynamic symbols per reel, offering up to 117,649 ways to win. Players familiar with BTG’s mechanics will recognize the classic Megaways formula, promising an amplified gaming experience.

Book of Tut Megaways

Book of Tut Megaways - Symbols

Book of Tut Megaways, released in 2023 by Pragmatic Play, offers up to 117,649 winning ways. This expanded number of paylines is due to its larger layout, which includes 6 regular reels with up to 7 rows and a top vertical reel. Featuring an ancient Egypt theme, the game includes free spins with a unique expanding symbol and boasts a remarkably high RTP.


Leovegas Мegaways - Spin

LeoVegas Megaways boasts one of the highest RTP rates among Megaways slots. Developed by Blueprint Gaming at the request of the renowned casino operator, it features cascading reels, free spins with progressive wins, and two wheel features: Megaways Wheel Bet and Bonus Wheel Bet.

Eye of Horus Megaways

Eye of Horus Megaways: Discover countless winning opportunities in this game themed around Ancient Egypt. Search for the Eye of Horus relic with 15,625 ways to win and a Jackpot King bonus round, offering even more chances for huge rewards!

White Rabbit Megaways

White Rabbit Megaways - Symbols

BTG’s White Rabbit features a rewarding Free Spins minigame with extended reels, providing up to 248,832 ways to win. Set in a whimsical fantasy world, symbols include the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. The game features cascading reels, replacing winning symbols with new ones for increased winning potential. White Rabbit Megaways appeals to online slot enthusiasts for its thrilling gameplay and substantial payout potential. Offering up to 13,000 times the player’s stake and boasting a high RTP of 97.24%, it provides a captivating and rewarding gaming experience set in a magical fantasy theme.

Dragon's Fire Megaways

Dragons Fire Free Spins Hit

Red Tiger boasts one of the most extensive portfolios of multiline games among iGaming developers. Dragon’s Fire, a standout Megaways slot from four years ago, impresses not only with its stunning visuals and soundtrack but also with

Queen of Riches Megaways

Queen of Riches Megaways is a royalty-themed slot machine game that utilizes the Megaways engine developed by Big Time Gaming. This powerful game engine allows for a vast number of potential winning combinations, making the gameplay more exciting and increasing the player’s chances of hitting a big win. The game is set in a grand palace and features symbols such as the Queen, crowns, and jewels, immersing players in a luxurious experience. The cascading reels feature replaces winning symbols with new ones, potentially leading to even more wins. With a maximum payout of up to 50,000x the player’s stake and a high RTP of 96.9%, Queen of Riches Megaways is a popular choice among online slot players looking for a luxurious and rewarding gaming experience. The game’s high volatility adds an element of risk to the gameplay, but also increases the potential rewards for those willing to take a chance. The game’s unique features and theme, combined with the Megaways engine, make it a one-of-a-kind online slot experience, offering players the chance to be treated like royalty and hit big wins.

Gonzo's Quest Megaways

Gonzos Quest slot free spins

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways: Embark on another journey with Gonzo in his quest for El Dorado. This time, he’s exploring Megaways reels with up to 117,649 winning combinations. Enjoy cascading reels and free spins among the many exciting features! The game also includes a cascading reels feature, where winning symbols are replaced by new ones, potentially leading to even more wins. With the possibility of payouts reaching up to 21,000 times the player’s stake, this game is ideal for high rollers aiming for large wins. Its high volatility does introduce some risk, but the potential rewards are substantial. Additionally, the game has an impressive RTP of 96.1%, giving players a strong likelihood of earning a return on their investment over time.

Piggy Riches Megaways

Piggy Riches 2 Megaways Slot

Piggy Riches Megaways is an opulent and luxurious slot machine game that utilizes the Megaways engine developed by Red Tiger Gaming. This advanced game engine allows for an abundance of potential winning combinations, making the gameplay more exciting and increasing the player’s chances of hitting a big win. The game is set in a lavish mansion and features symbols such as the wealthy piggy, gold coins, and diamonds, immersing players in a life of luxury and extravagance. The cascading reels feature replaces winning symbols with new ones, potentially leading to even more wins. With a maximum payout of up to 10,474x the player’s stake, Piggy Riches Megaways offers a chance for players to live like the wealthy piggy and hit big wins. The game has a high volatility, meaning that it can be risky to play, but the potential rewards are high. The game also has a decent RTP (Return to player) rate of 95.71%, though lower versions might be available. The game’s theme and graphics, coupled with the Megaways engine, make it a one-of-a-kind online slot experience, offering players the chance to indulge in luxury and hit big wins.

How Megaways slots works?

In classic slot games, you win by aligning matching symbols from left to right. This rule also applies to Megaways games. Traditional slot games have a set number of symbols per reel and fixed paylines – Megaways slots introduce an innovative feature where random reel modifiers can display multiple symbols per reel position, dynamically altering the number of paylines.

Megaways enables an almost boundless array of potential winning combinations per spin. This is made possible by cascading reels and random multipliers. Cascading reels mean that in Megaways slots, winning symbols vanish and are replaced by new ones, potentially triggering successive wins as new combinations form in their place.

On the flip side, random multipliers enhance the player’s potential winnings by applying multipliers ranging from 2x to 20x. Together with cascading reels, these features create thousands or even tens of thousands of potential winning outcomes per spin. As cascading reactions continue, the number of possible winning combinations grows, offering players dynamic and unpredictable gameplay with each spin.

While Megaways slots offer a vast number of potential winning combinations, the betting range can vary significantly. Certain Megaways slots allow minimum bets of just a few cents, while others require higher minimum bets. This variety ensures that there is a Megaways slot suitable for every budget, allowing players to customize their gameplay according to their preferences and risk tolerance.

Another crucial factor to keep in mind is volatility. Megaways slots are recognized for their high volatility, indicating they can be riskier yet potentially yield larger payouts. While this can appeal to certain players, it’s essential to understand this aspect before engaging with Megaways slots.

Popular Megaways Slots Features


This characteristic might be referred to by various names like Reactions, Avalanches, or Cascades, and it’s a fundamental element of Megaways slots. Essentially, when a winning combination forms, the symbols involved explode and new ones cascade into the empty spaces. This mechanism enables successive chains of wins from a single spin, making it a perfect fit for Megaways slots.

Progressive win multiplier

An extension of the cascading feature is the progressive win multiplier. Initially, a win starts with a x1 multiplier, which increases by +1 with each subsequent cascade. This setup means that the multiplier escalates with consecutive cascades. In the base game, multipliers reset to x1 on a new spin, but in free spins, they typically do not reset, allowing them to continually increase and potentially reach substantial values.

Mystery symbols

This feature is prevalent in Megaways slots as well. When mystery symbols land, they transform to display the same regular symbol. While they typically appear scattered across the grid, certain titles may present them in stacked formations.

Wild Multipliers

Though not unique to Megaways, wild multipliers excel when paired with this engine’s capabilities. A prime example is Inspired Gaming’s Desperados Wild Megaways, where wild multipliers are prominent. These can become sticky, and when two

Bonus buy

Another pioneering feature from Big Time Gaming is the bonus buy feature. This allows players to purchase direct access to the bonus game by paying a multiple of their total stake. Variations of this feature include collecting tokens to lower the purchase cost or unlocking an upgraded bonus game, as seen in Royal Mint Megaways by Big Time Gaming.

Megaways diffrences in payout, volatility and rtp

When engaging with any slot game, grasping the concepts of volatility and RTP (return to player) is essential. These factors significantly influence your gaming experience and aid in selecting the most suitable games for your preferences.


Volatility, or “variance,” indicates the risk level of a slot game. High volatility games pose greater risk but can yield larger payouts, whereas low volatility games are safer but typically offer smaller wins. Megaways slots are recognized for their high volatility, making them riskier yet potentially more rewarding. This appeals to certain players, but understanding this trait is crucial for adjusting your strategy and managing your budget when playing Megaways slots. It’s essential to weigh both volatility and RTP. Opt for higher volatility if you seek a riskier yet potentially more rewarding experience. Conversely, choose lower volatility for a more stable and predictable gameplay experience.


Payout percentage, also known as return-to-player (RTP), indicates the average amount a slot machine gives back to players over extended periods. Games with higher RTPs tend to be more favorable for players in the long run, while those with lower RTPs retain more for the house. Megaways slots typically offer an industry-standard RTP of around 96%, though some variations may provide even more generous rates, occasionally reaching or surpassing 98%. This metric helps players assess the potential long-term value of different slot games.


RTP is crucial to consider because games with higher RTPs return more money to players over time. Players who intend to play for extended periods may favor high-RTP games. Since every player has unique preferences and risk tolerance, this applies to Megaways slots as well. It’s advisable to explore various games with different volatility and RTP levels to discover the ideal match for your preferences and requirements.

How to win on Megaways Slots?

Typically, the goal is to align three identical symbols consecutively starting from the first reel. Because there are no fixed paylines, symbols can appear on any row and still constitute a winning combination. Given this flexibility, it’s even possible to win with multiple types of symbols in a single spin. This setup resembles the classic 243 ways to win scenario but offers a much more dynamic experience.

Megaways slots provide an unparalleled thrill for slot enthusiasts. These games feature a wide variety of themes and concepts, catering to an increasing number of players. With exciting additions like cascading reels, extra win lines, and game modifiers, these slots deliver the most exhilarating gaming experience.

It’s straightforward: betting real money on Megaways slot games can lead to real cash winnings, especially with jackpot opportunities that could change your life if you hit the big prize!

If you use bonus cash to wager, you can still win real money, but it’s contingent upon meeting the specified wagering requirements. Once these are fulfilled, the bonus funds will convert into real money, up to a maximum amount as outlined in the bonus Terms and Conditions.

Questions and Answers

What Is The Best Megaways Slot?

The finest Megaways slots are crafted by top-rated game developers, offering up to 117649 ways to win or even more, along with cascading reels and remarkable bonus features.

Do Megaways Slots Offer A Higher RTP?

Yes, we’ve showcased the top Megaways slots based on their RTP rates in our exclusive list. The most generous games provide payouts exceeding 98% and can multiply your bet by up to 50,000 times.

How To Play Megaways Slots?

Explore our range of top Megaways slots for free and try them out with no risk. Customize your bet and witness the incredible grid unveil plenty of rewards.


In summary, Megaways presents a distinctive and thrilling approach to online slot gaming, promising substantial payouts and limitless opportunities with each spin. Next, we’ll explore some of the most favored Megaways slots currently accessible for play.

We’ve explored the mechanics of this game feature, its distinctions from traditional slots, and highlighted some of the most sought-after Megaways slots available. Additionally, we discussed the significance of considering volatility and RTP when selecting a Megaways slot, as these factors play a crucial role in shaping your gaming experience.

Whether you’re experienced with slots or just starting with online gambling, you’ll find plenty of fun and excitement with Megaways. Check out the popular Megaways slots we’ve mentioned here, and always remember to gamble responsibly.

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