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Here you can find a lot of information about all the Roulette types. You can find free demos of online roulette and play them for fun.


How to play free online roulette?

You can play a free game without risking money. Many online casinos have implemented demo versions of the game where you can practice as much as you like before venturing onto the gambling scene.

Play first online on demo.

In online roulette games are free and it won’t waste your time or money. Read our article carefully; it contains all the information you need about roulette. Don’t rush through it, though – you might miss something important.

Roulette Types and strategies

The founder of modern gambling, this product has been credited with luring people into casinos. Its unifying force is evident in the fact that clients demand better gambling products from all casino owners or operators.

Roulette has become a popular way for casinos to make money by allowing people the chance to play and win large amounts of cash. Here are some facts about the game, its history and basic rules, along with strategies based on proven methods of winning.

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Types of bets

Roulette is a casino game that seems simple at first glance: it involves predicting where the ball will land after being released from the wheel.

American and European roulette differ mainly in the number of sectors on their wheels, as American casinos add an extra zero slot to ensure that they have more winning combinations than players. In the European version of this game, there is only one zero.

The roulette wheels used in European casinos are numbered as follows:

0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25-17-34-6-27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24 -16-33-1-20-14-31-9-22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26

Numbers are written starting from zero.

Most online casinos now offer a professional version of roulette with so-called “French bets.” These are additional game options based on the combinations of numbers – “neighbors of zero,” “orphans,” and “third” – and adhere to European casino rules.

The game is constantly evolving, new betting methods are being introduced, and the offers’ scale keeps growing. Predicting a number isn’t the limit – there’s a bunch of other markets with certain odds that give you complete freedom to act. Let’s get acquainted:


You can bet on a specific horse to finish first, second or third, and the payout is double your wager.

Straight Up

It is possible to win 35 times the amount wagered by predicting correctly what number will be chosen.


You win when you hit either of the numbers at a distance from one another. The profit is multiplied by 17.


You place chips between the four numbers that surround it with a potential payout of five times your bet if you guess correctly.

Six Line

A single chip covers two adjacent rows (6 numbers in total) and doubles the bet.


To place a bet outside the standard arrangement of the numbered balls, you can choose from three dozens: 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 through 36. The payout is at odds of 2.


With each row marked in three places, you can potentially win a payout ratio of 1:11.

In the event that you don’t like your odds for a specific number, there are some outside bets available. These include betting on whether or not the ball will land on a certain color (Red/Black), if it’s even or odd, and how big of an area it covers – all these can be made before a spin is performed:

Black / Red

If you predict the color of the number that will be chosen, profits double. This is often used in strategies.

Even / Odd

If a contestant’s prediction is correct, she can double her bet.

Big / Small

You can predict whether a number will be small (1-18) or large (19-36).

The participation in the pro version rewards you with additional markets called “French bets” or “call bets.” They are distributed mainly in European game versions and include three options based on where the ball is located. These different points −0, 0, 1/6 (1) , 2/.5(2), 3/,10. The individual fragments are formed by Voisins of Zero, Tier, and Orphelins.

Voisins of Zero

Seventeen numbers from the wheel are covered. They lie closer to the “0” sector, but surround it. You must bet a total of 9 chips: 2 on Street 0/2/3 and 25/26/28; 3 each on Corner 4, 7. 24,29; 1 chip each for Split 12 15 18 21 22 32 35.


There are 6 units bet on 12 numbers for a payoff of 3:1, and the winnings are placed on 6 different splits from those combined – namely 5/8 + 10/11 + 13/16 + 23//24+ 2730 & 3336.


These numbers, when grouped together with the other two sets of residue numbers not included in those previous combinations, form a “orphan” set. This combination covers 8 slots and is made up of 5 splits (6/9 + 14/17 + 17/20)/Straight Up.

It takes a lot of time to make combinations, so casinos will simply accept your bet if you ask the croupier for it by marking the chips’ value and telling him what you want. For example, if you want a Tier bet of 10 for each chip, you must request “Tiers by ten”. Of course this method is only available when playing in halls; it is far more difficult to execute online unless there’s some kind of software that can accept French bets directly.

Video roulette

People who want to play a quick game of roulette have an additional option. In addition to the traditional live casino, where professional croupiers run the games and spin the wheel, online platforms have developed automated versions. When you play blackjack against a computer, there is no human dealer whose skills or moods may affect your chances of winning.

There are several different versions of the game available, including European Roulette. It is often found in the “Table” section of casinos, as some offer a demo version for beginners. The game starts with a spin that reveals winning numbers, and prizes can be claimed immediately.

How to play roulette online?

We have explained the most important features and rules of roulette in detail. We’ve listed opportunities for bettors, but we must focus on another critical question: How should you play.

If this article had been written 20 years ago, the answer would have been “in a casino” – probably at the nearest one. Nowadays, we have technologies that are an excellent substitute for traditional activities; so participating in a roulette game can happen online. Once you’ve chosen a casino, create an account and verify your identity before depositing money. This new product is offered to players who like the highest quality games and intuitive interfaces, especially when they play in a place where they are by nature enthusiasts. In addition, if you want to be an enthusiast wherever you go then this application may be for you!

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Roulette betting strategies

Many gamblers believe that casinos have a built-in advantage over players, that gambling is designed to “get” people rather than make money for the house.

Years of research have led to the development of so-called “probability traps,” which casinos use to make it harder for gamblers to beat them at blackjack. In any given game, the house will always make money.


This strategy, which involves repeating a losing bet until you win, is well known among sports betting and casino enthusiasts. If you use it properly – which will take more work on your part than other techniques – it can reward you with higher profits at the end of each month.

The strategy is used to generate long-term profits with minimal risk. There’s no chance of losing money, but rather a 100% probability that your account will grow over time – as long as you keep reinvesting the dividends paid by stocks and funds.

If you lose, you must double your bet. If you win – you return to the amount that brought about this round of betting. However, no matter what happens during the course of a game – bets with equal payouts are mandatory:

Color – black / red.

Parity – even / odd.

Size – small (1-18) / large (19-36).

If you guess correctly, your stake is doubled on each attempt. If not, it’s halved until you get the answer right.

If you follow Martingale betting strategies, you’ll secure a small but certain profit at casinos that set high wagering limits. You will need to raise a large sum of money before starting, be patient and bet on one outcome only (don’t alternate colors). Non-winning bets can add up quickly and cause your balance to plummet.

Reverse martingale

It’s less risky than the Martingale system, and you can use it to win at roulette and other casino games with a 1:1 payout ratio.

Players skilled at controlling risk and knowing when to end their participation, who are trying Reverse Martingale as a positive progression strategy will bet the reward’s value with each successful move. If you lose, repeat that step again – with the same amount.

This means that if you are able to make a few successful bets in a row, your entire bankroll will be taken care of and on the other hand, it remains low if there is no or only one win.

The odds will change after each successful move, but losses should be limited to the original bet amount. Bet a higher balance that would cover a series of failed bets.

Royal system

The last betting strategy we’ll discuss is called the Royal System. It’s a simple, noncommittal approach that has gained popularity among beginners because it relies on previous draws – not just what happened in that particular game.

The only task is to keep track of which dozen fell during the previous round and eliminate it in a subsequent bet. Let’s say that the first handful was lucky; we should place bets on just one token each for the second and third rounds – not two or three. If we win, we stay at our current table. If we lose, however, the bet for each dozen is raised by 1 chip.


The Fibonacci sequence, named for its creator Leonardo Fibonacci, is a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two before it – 0 and 1; 1 and 1; 2 and 3 (or 0+1=1); 5and 8 (or 1+2=3); 13and 21( or … ); 34and 55(…). This sequence is a useful tool for programmers, mathematicians, financiers and gamblers alike. By using it to control their bankrolls, players can prepare themselves for long-term wins.

It is a combination of the previous two strategies: minimal loss with high profit likelihood. Although it does not offer huge profits, eliminating risk makes this strategy usable for smaller amounts and more satisfying when used correctly. The Martingale system guarantees that you will break even, but the Fibonacci sequence ensures a bigger payout.

For a winning bet, you start with the first number in your row and add each subsequent one. If you lose, scratch off all but the last two numbers (the amount of money that was originally staked on this row). Once the correct outcome is hit (for example 25), then return to step 1. If you apply the Fibonacci sequence, you can make money without sacrificing a lot of time.

Are the strategies applicable in a variety of contexts?

Theoretically, the strategies used in roulette can be applied – but only if you’re playing at a casino that allows such tactics. If everything were free and we could bet as much money as we wanted, systems described above would ensure us 100% profits.

Tips for successful betting

While the odds of winning in roulette are stacked against you, it is possible to beat those odds through knowledge and strategy. By following proven gaming systems and listening to the tips that follow, your chances of winning will greatly increase.

  • Don’t give in to emotions.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, irritated by everyday situations, and emotionally volatile – take a break.
  • Play roulette for fun, not profit. Bet amounts that fit your budget and leave yourself some money to live on in case you lose.
  • Do not use more than one strategy.
  • A specific number can fall multiple times, but this is the realm of fantasy. It’s perfectly normal for a winning number to be changed in the next round: use that statistic – and others like it! – to increase your chances of picking correctly.

Roulette may seem simple at first glance, but it has its own subtleties that you need to take into account. Use the tips and techniques on this site – many of which are proven winners over time – and keep betting until you get back in the black. With proper risk control and intelligent tactical play, it is possible to greatly increase the probability of long-term success.

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Play roulette with real money

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games on account of its easy rules, but real money roulette bonuses are also welcome for those who want to bet in online casinos. These online casinos offer such bonuses:


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Many online casinos offer special roulette promotions, such as no-deposit bonuses or a starting bonus equal to the player’s deposit.

Roulette History

The origin of roulette is not entirely clear: Some say it originated in China; others claim French mathematicians created it first – although this isn’t entirely certain. It’s believed that Chinese traders brought mahjong to the Dominican Republic about 500 years ago, and it quickly gained popularity in Europe.

Today’s type of roulette is a combination of several established games on the market – Ace Of Hearts, Roly-Poly, Hoca, Biribi and Roulette. In the 18th century its rules were changed by outlawed governments in order for it to be legalized again – this process led to changes. Screen shot of Roulette. Licensed under CC BY-NC/3.0. At first, the roulette wheel included every number from 1 to 36, plus two sectors with a 0 and a 00 (still present in American roulette) – the difference being that these zeroes were colored in red and black. However this rule didn’t last long because it made handling bets more complicated – and tricked players into believing there was no way for them to lose when they landed on these numbers. In the years that followed, those zeroes were now colored green.

The casino owners were having a hard time keeping up with gamblers’ creative strategies for beating the house edge. Sadly, slots players who wish to implement guaranteed systems are finding it increasingly difficult due to casinos’ efforts to discourage them.

However, today we have unlimited access to millions of people’s favorite games due to their presence on internet-based platforms. There are ways for you play against a professional dealer – in the comfort of your own home! And if you like roulette? Then there’s no better way then playing it from your mobile device (Roulette is free). Users do not have to worry about compatibility issues when installing software on their phone or tablet.

Roulette Facts:

There are many interesting things about the game that you probably don’t know. Let’s have some fun before we get down to business.

36 consecutive times “red”

The probability of getting red or black in a given round of roulette is 50/50. The odds of getting the same number 10 times in a row are 1 in 1024 – an infinitesimally small chance. In Bristol, England at one casino, something that has never happened before occurred: “Red” was hit as many 36 consecutive rounds. You’ve considered using Martingale and other doubling strategies, haven’t you.

California Roulette”

In California, the only way to generate gambling scores is by using a card deck. Therefore, any casino game that uses roulette wheels would also be against the law. However, casinos have preserved the rules of roulette by replacing the wheel with cards. The chances of winning are still equal; it’s just that you draw your own numbers instead of using a wheel to do so.

Roulette is called the “devil’s game”

The name of the game is a reference to Revelation 13:18 and represents the sum of numbers from 1 to 36. After adding each number with its successor, one will discover that 666 equates exactly as such in this calculation.

All or nothing”

There is a growing trend toward gambling, as many people are looking for easy ways to make money. But we’ve got some good news and bad news: while the odds of this happening again are slim, you should still bet carefully. So in Las Vegas, at the Plaza Hotel & Casino – one of the most popular casinos – Ashley Revel emerges. Gathering all his savings and available financial resources, he decides to act boldly: doubling his capital. He places a total of $ 135,000 on red – and it pays off. With the winnings from his single bet, he doubles his earnings from years past in less than 60 seconds flat. The prize is invested in an online poker betting platform.

The longest streak of a certain number

With roulette, it’s possible to calculate the probability of a particular number appearing. The chance of that number coming up is 1 in 37 or 38, depending on which version you’re playing (American versus European). This significantly reduces the odds against betting on a specific number and winning *twice in row* – it makes streaks virtually impossible. In Las Vegas, where gambling never stops day and night – and particularly not when there are plenty of tourists around to keep the casinos full – the house takes every opportunity it can find to separate suckers from their money. And so you’ll occasionally see a series like this one: 19 , even though that number isn’t typically seen on casino roulette wheels. .

The number that is bet on the most

The number 17 is the most popular roulette choice among gamblers, likely due to its prominent role in film and pop culture. The second-favorite choice of players is 22 – made famous by a scene in “Lost In America.”.

Roulette FAQ

What are the winning schemes, systems, and strategies in roulette?

The most common winning strategies for roulette are:

  • Martingale
  • Inverted Martingale – Paroli
  • D’Alembert system
  • Fibonacci
  • The Shaun system
  • The John Wayne strategy
  • Royal system
  • Labouchère system

What is the difference between American and European roulette?

European and American roulette differ in that the first version has only one 0, while the second has 1 00. In addition, their respective order of numbers is different: European roulette places single-digit numbers from 1–36 before double-digit ones whereas American roulette does so with respect to each other (1–10 & 11 – 25).

What is the most common bet on roulette?

With 17 as the most popular bet, roulette has surprisingly little to do with luck.

How often does the number 0 come up?

The number 0 has the same probability of appearing as all other numbers from 1 to 36. That being said, its chance of stopping on it is 2.7%, just like any other number’s chances are equal – and no more likely than that.

Can roulette be manipulated in a casino?

This is a commonly asked question by many gamblers, but there’s no way to cheat at online roulette. In physical casinos – where those devices are used – it’s possible to lie about what you’re doing while playing.