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Year Released:2021
A slot machine's return-to-player percentage, or RTP for short, is the measure of money a player can expect to win or lose over time.
Min coin size:
Minimum coin denomination.
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Maximum coin denomination.
The type of the game
Crash Games
Game Theme:Airplanes
Autoplay: Yes
Multiplies the amount of winnings by a predetermined figure.
Bonus Game:
Mini-games within online slots, triggered either by landing a predefined combination of symbols or randomly.

Aviator is a new type of slot machine game that takes the gambling experience to a whole new level. Aviator uses an innovative format called the Curve Crash mechanic to deliver an engaging experience for players. The game is a social multiplayer game that allows players to create their own aviator character and join the community.


This game is not what you’d call typical. It doesn’t have reels, paylines, or symbols; it’s a game of chance with a simple concept: an airplane flies up at an increasing coefficient. The coefficient starts at 1x and can grow up to infinity, providing a solid winning potential. You can cash out early but you risk losing huge potential rewards if you do so. If you do, your bet will be multiplied by the airplane’s coefficient; otherwise, you lose. That utter simplicity plays on human instincts and makes players deal with a dilemma: cash out early and risk losing huge potential rewards

Aviator Pros/Cons

Aviator is a unique game with engaging features, a sense of competition, and new experiences to be had by all players. If you like taking risks while having fun with other players in chat, you shouldn’t go anywhere further.

  • Innovative curve crash format
  • Social features
  • Simple and fair gameplay
  • Your wins depend on the actions you take, not your circumstances
  • Incredible winning potential
  • Not a common casino slot

Aviator Game Features

Aviator Gameplay

Aviator is a social multiplayer game in which players take on the roles of pilots and explore the sky.

The true meaning of Live Betting!

The bar on the left shows the number of players who have dropped into the round and how much they have wagered. It also shows how many were cash-out at the end of the round, as well as how many wonnings they received.

Chat inside the game

You can interact with other players while you’re playing by going to the right and messaging them through the chat tool. And there’s even a pack of emojis and GIFs so you can send each other funny pictures!

Aviarace Tournaments

You can join different Aviator money game tournaments to earn additional points and prizes.

Stats in realtime

You can switch between different tabs in the same menu to check your progress and see the biggest wins of all time.

How to play Aviator Game?

  • In-game chat is a tool that allows you to interact with other players while playing.
  • The bar on the left shows how many players have dropped into a round and how much they have wagered.
  • Check out the leaderboard to see how big your cash wins and multipliers are compared to other players.
  • We offer free bets in promotions or giveaways to give you a chance to test our service.
  • You might get some free bets added to the chat every so often. Just click the ‘claim’ button to claim them!
  • Aviarace tournaments give you the chance to earn bonus points while you play in the normal game. These points help you get a better life when the race ends. The top players get more cash rewards, free bets and other special prizes.

Tips for Aviator Money Game

Because each round of the game is random, there is no guaranteed winning strategy. However, you can still increase your chances of winning by applying certain Aviator game tricks:

  • One of the most important tips for Aviator game is to not try to predict how high the multiplier will grow based on past rounds. Statistics won’t tell you anything; you have to play to win and enjoy the game along the way.
  • Use the auto cashout feature to double your money. For example, set an auto cashout for 1.1x or even less with a €10 bet, and then use the second tiny bet to manually cash out at bigger coefficients.
  • If you lose a round, double your wager after that round. You can cover previous losses and eventually make money from winning big rounds with high bets.
  • Be careful with your bets. Set a reasonable budget, and never go over it.
  • Don’t let greed get in the way of your goals. The more time you spend pursuing a big multiplier, the slower you’ll get to where you want to go.

Game Algorithm

Aviator is not a traditional slot game. It doesn’t have reels, paylines or symbols; instead, the player bets on how high an airplane flies before it disappears. If the player wins, his or her bet will be multiplied by the coefficient (a variable determined by the game’s algorithm). If not, he or she loses.

Our Aviator game algorithm is built on a provably fair system. This means that every round of the game is random, and no one can interfere with your results.

The simplicity of the game makes it appealing to players’ primal instincts, which in turn drives them to gamble as much as possible. This is called the fear of missing out and causes players to hold on to their investments as long as possible in hopes of cashing out before the end of the event period. However, if they overdo it, they could end up losing everything and miss out on their prize.

The game result is not determined on Spribe Aviator servers. Instead, it is generated from a game round operator and the first three bettors. Each participant generates a seed for use in the SHA512 hash calculation. The results are available publicly so that you can check for yourself whether each game round was fair.

No matter how long the multiplier grows, you won’t be able to win more than 100x value most of the time. However, there are a few people who managed to reach and cash out over 100k multipliers. At the time of writing, their highest coefficient wins is 2,586,812.24x!

About Spribe

Spribe was founded in 2018 and its top-performing game has been launched a year later in 2019. The studio is an innovative developer of ‘smart’ games and one of its latest creations is a perfect example of its approach.

Aviator FAQs

What Is social multiplayer casino game?

Social multiplayer casino game is game where players compete to predict an airplane’s airspeed, altitude, and destination.

How To Play Aviator Game And Win?

You need to cash out before the multiplier curve crashes in order to win the Aviator game.

How can you predict the Aviator game?

The outcome of each round of Aviator games is determined by an RNG algorithm.

How Does The Aviator Game Work?

An airplane takes off, representing a multiplier coefficient. It then flies off and grows to a random value before crashing back down on the ground.

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