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Welcome to our online blackjack section. Here you will find everything about BlackJack – How to play, betting strategies and tips, where to play online BlackJack, and other interesting facts.

How to play Blackjack (Rules)?

During the game, four or six decks of cards are used. The most important rule is to collect more points from the Croupier (the dealer), but in order not to lose you should aim for 21. If you’re not familiar with the point system, here’s a quick guide:.

  • The ACE card can be worth 1, 2 or 3 points during each round;.
  • The jack, the king and the queen, carry 10 points each;
  • The other cards in the deck will provide you with as many points as are indicated on their faces.

The player who holds this card can decide what value it should have – for example, 1 or 11 points. The decision is based on how well the hand has performed so far. This game requires a two to three players. You can play against your friends and family, or in turn-based mode (with AI) with random opponents.

Blackajck - How to play?

Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is a game that can be played by two or more people, but you need to know the tricks of the trade if you want to win.

To win at Blackjack, you need to get your hand’s total as close to 21 without going over. If you go over 21 – known as busting – you lose. If the dealer goes bust before you do, then he or she loses. It is important to learn the different point values of each card and memorize what they are.

The starting pack includes “Ace,” “Two” and “Three”. New cards will be available on regular intervals as we update the app.

If you add up to 21, you will win the amount that corresponds with your bet against the dealer’s visible cards. If both of you have Blackjack then there is a tie and no one wins or loses money. There are several ways to position yourself, such as:

  • A hold position is one in which players take no more cards, even though they could have. In this way, you can remain content with a sum of 21 at first hand;.

  • If you get a “hit”, the dealer will give you another card to make your hand equal 21 points or more – this is what makes it possible for players to win Blackjack. You can draw cards as many times as you like – but if your hand is worth more than 21 points, the round will be over and you’ll lose.

You can also opt to split your cards if they are the same, doubling your bet and playing both hands individually. Besides that, you have another chance to draw a single card and perform the Stand position (which we mentioned above). This move is called “Doubling” in English or Двойняткоче for our native speakers.

How to play free Blackjack online?

Online blackjack enthusiasts would appreciate the unprecedented variety of games available, which include casino classics as well as exciting new variations. Some allow you to win increasingly large jackpots. You should research your options and then begin playing.

Simple steps:

To begin a game of blackjack, place your bet by pressing the Deal button. The dealer will then deal you two cards: one face-up and one face down.

  • Press the Hit button to receive a card from the deck, and add its points to your total.

  • When a Stand button is pressed, it means that the player no longer wants any additional cards from the shoe. The next person to play will be either Croupier or another designated player for that round;
  • When you press Double Down, the amount of your bet is doubled and you draw only one card. After that you are out of the round – the next player or croupier takes over;.

Types of Blackjack

Blackjack as it is played in Europe differs from the game Americans play, who only have one card visible and another secret. For example, if there is an ace available on the table, then it may be necessary for the Croupier to turn over another card in order to determine how much that player will win or lose. In other cases players can choose whether they would like their bets held until the dealer has checked his/her hand – though overall this only affects things minimally compared with European versions of roulette.

And here are the other types of Blackjack:
  • Vegas Strip
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Spanish Blackjack
  • Blackjack Surrender

What are the croupier’ moves?

If the dealer’s hand totals less than 16 points, he will use the hit position: taking another card.

If the player’s points total is 16 or more, he can remain passive by holding his cards. Because of this “soft hand”, there is an opportunity for him to change his cards according to what will be advantageous in that round. Most online casinos offer a version of Blackjack that is similar to the classic game. To learn about other types of games, please contact customer support.

Blackjack history, facts and tips

In land-based casinos and online, Blackjack attracts more attention than any other card game – it’s sometimes called 21. Not only is it fun to play; you can increase your chances of winning by making smart decisions about when to hit or stay. At, in addition to free blackjack games and other casino favorites like slots and bingo, you can find even more types of gambling – such as dice games or card games. In the following review, we present a comprehensive discussion of Blackjack.

Online casinos are an easy and convenient way for novice players to learn the game of Blackjack without having to make a deposit. Learning how to play blackjack online offers several benefits, including:

History of Blackjack

The origin of Blackjack is a topic that scholars have debated for centuries. While many argue it came from France, some believe Italy to be the source and others think Spain might be responsible. Over the years, Blackjack has undergone various transformations – including one version (Spanish 21) in which players are required to reach a sum of 21 with a minimum of three cards.

Blackjack spread throughout North America during the French colonization of Canada and Louisiana, but in those days it was a much different game from what we enjoy today. In 1931, casinos began offering big odds to players who could beat the dealer at Blackjack – and fans were enticed by this new version’s blend of luck and skill.

The idea of playing Blackjack online has changed the way people think about it. People who enjoy card games can now bet on a favorite strategy in the world’s most famous casino game without having to leave their home.

Seeking for help or guides for online casino slots?

Interesting facts about Blackjack

The long history of the card game – Blackjack- has produced many exciting facts. We are unlikely to be able to capture all of them in our review, but we will look at those who make the most impression – most likely because you’ve never heard them before.

  1. It is rumored that the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes mentioned a game similar to Blackjack in his writings. In “The Adventures of Don Quixote,” he writes about a popular card game called Vientiuna, which was played during 16th century Spain. Interestingly, his literary character, also named Don Quixoite (translated as crazy), plays blackjack for money;.
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte was a big fan of twenty-one, or Blackjack. Sources from the 18th century have shown that military personnel in France at the time played a game similar to ours under this name, and they even bet money on it.
  3. The Blackjack Hall of Fame is located in San Diego, Southern California. It houses hundreds of gambling machines and games that have contributed to the growth of casino gambling around the world.

Is it better to play with live Croupier or at a virtual casino?

These tables and calculators will help you decide what is the best play to make in each situation. They offer great suggestions for playing against specific opponents making your game more interesting. We also have a live blackjack player that plays on our site at all times waiting to take your money (zero 0 wins) and be “live” explaining his moves in real time. . .

The good news is that nowadays, online casinos offer live Blackjack. In other words, you have a real-life dealer in front of you – not software. Besides getting different bonuses and having the scales incline to higher benefits when playing online rather than in person, it’s also just plain fun.

That is why we have not interfered with your choice of Blackjack. We’ve outlined all its interesting aspects by sharing beginner strategies, offering tips for those new to the game and making a thorough review so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s something worth trying. We hope this material will help you to make better decisions when gambling, whether it be on the Internet or in a real casino.

Blackjack tricks and strategies

There are some nice ways to profit from Blackjack that we will briefly mention in the following lines. We do not engage anyone with our advice, but simply share the views of players and professionals – but let’s get on with it.

A good way to improve your game is to pay attention to the cards that are played at the table.

Since the dealer’s open card earns him 8 points, you should ask for a new card. However, if his downcard is a 6 (as it often will be), don’t draw; his chance of busting with that hand is higher than yours.

If your card is less than 8, or if you have an 8, feel free to use the Hit position by asking for a new card. Remember that you have an advantage over the dealer: while they cannot double down like players can, this option gives them two chances to get closer to 21 (so long as their original hand was greater than 17). The guide recommends that you do a lot of calculations while playing to ensure success.

For more tips on how to play casino games, keep reading. We’ve shared some tricks for beginners above, but there are many other strategies that experts use as well. Counting points and tracking the Croupier’s game can both bring you success in the short or long term.

Card counting in Blackjack

But if you play Blackjack on the Internet with only one or two decks, then counting cards can indeed be helpful. This is not the case with land-based casinos, where this approach can bring you success. Here is what it’s all about.

In the real casino, card counting is a useful strategy for blackjack. There are three types of counting you can use – standard, simple and professional.”. The different types of card counting involve knowing which cards are most likely to be dealt during a game – and then making strategic decisions based on this information. In this scenario, the Croupier has a higher chance of losing than winning.

Therefore, if you know how many cards are left in the dealer’s deck and which cards have been played recently, you can predict what will happen next. For people to apply these methods, they should get to know them in more detail so that the habits become ingrained and dealing with them becomes an easy task.

Tips for a successful Blackjack game

Here are some tips that we’ve used when learning to play Blackjack. These guidelines will help you get the most out of this game:.

  • Use Blackjack strategy tables – these tables contain mathematically proven formulas and show you different solutions to the game. We agree that strategy tables are useful for learning how to play Blackjack online, but you cannot use them in a real casino.
  • Do not engage in side bets – this type of gambling offers higher payouts than the standard game, but the complexity increases and there is a risk that you could lose your money.

  • Look for special offers and additional cash incentives – licensed online casinos that provide such things can significantly increase the amount of money you have to bet with.

Calculations on Blackjack

Another method that can give you success is to use a Blackjack calculator. While it does not guarantee profits, the calculator helps make decisions in difficult situations more easily – a substitute for strategy tables mentioned above. Blackjack is a mathematical game, and it’s best to know what the highest possible win could be as well as how much you might lose.

To learn how a game calculator works, you can test it in any free version of Blackjack or by navigating to the online casinos offering live betting and/or virtual gaming options. These are great ways to experiment with different strategies without losing real money.

Blackjack Tips

Player’s HandActionDealer’s Hand
4/4, 5/5, 10/10NoNo
2/2, 3/3, 6/6, 7/7, 9/9YesNo
8/8, A/AYesYes
“Hard Hand”2 – 67 – Ace
10 or 11DoubleDouble
12 – 16StandHIT
17 – 21StandStand
“Soft Hand”
13 – 15HITHIT
16 – 18DoubleHIT
19 – 21StandStand

Popularity by countries

For decades, Blackjack has brought joy to casino fans around the world. We can safely say that it is one of the most famous table games – and also generates huge profits for casinos. Blackjack has been played all over the world for many years.

Blackjack in North America

In Las Vegas, Nevada  – the epicenter of Blackjack –  statistics show that there are over 1346 or two times more Blackjack tables than Baccarat ones (267). More than 151 casinos offer the game with total turnovers around $ 1 billion. It’s a wonderful way to check what people want, which is why you see companies on the web doing it. It allows them to decide your schedule and how much of their product gets put out there for sales so that they can continue selling better versions and more quantity.

Blackjack in Australia

A new form of gambling has recently become popular in Australia: Blackjack. The casinos there are making more money from this game than ever before and many people enjoy playing it on the Internet as well. Among all the table games in Australia, baccarat takes first place and blackjack comes second.

Blackjack in Europe

It’s no secret that Blackjack has millions of fans, who enjoy the game in England and Monte Carlo as well as France, Germany – even Lithuania. It is noteworthy that Bulgarians also play Blackjack online, trying to find betting and profits techniques.

What are the most common Blackjack mistakes and how can you prevent them?

Beginners often make mistakes that keep them from winning. We can’t cover all the gaps here, but we will note some of the most common ones so you’ll be less likely to repeat them and your game will improve as a result.

After you lose, you continue to play

There are limits and boundaries to every situation, some of which you may cross if things aren’t going well for you. If it looks like your losing streak at Blackjack is about to bankrupt you, our advice is this: stop playing immediately. If you always think about the future and consider worst-case scenarios, then you will avoid losing money when bad luck strikes.

Pay attention while playing

Casino players who do not keep track of the ratio between valuable and worthless cards may be in for a rude surprise. We encourage you to focus your attention on the field so that we can all enjoy the game together.

Dont drink alcohol while playing

It is a big mistake to drink while playing Blackjack, because alcohol will make you lose track of the cards. From this perspective, it is better to ignore drinks when you are playing against the Croupier.

When is it relevant to Double the Bet at Blackjack?

It is appropriate to double your bet in the following situations:

  • When you have a total of 11 and your dealer’s up card is 6 or less;
  • If you have one ace, and your score is 16-18.
  • If you have 10 or more and the dealer has fewer than 9.

Where can you play Blackjack with real money?

Blackjack is one of the most profitable casino games that you can play with real money and big bonuses in almost all online casinos. The right strategy, knowledge, composure – and a little bit of luck – are required to be able beat popular sites like:



No Deposit Bonus Available!
100% Up to €150 + 150 FS
Min. Deposit


High Roller
No Deposit Bonus Available!
100% Up to €300
Min. Deposit

Most popular online casinos offer bonus codes that you can use in the table games like Blackjack, but almost all require an initial deposit to activate them. However, a small percentage of online casinos offer zero-deposit bonuses – promotions that allow new players to play for free.

Play on every device Blackjack online

These days, many people use mobile devices to play blackjack for free. In the past, players could only enjoy blackjack in a land-based casino or online. Now you can play this thrilling game anywhere on your mobile device. The mobile blackjack applications are designed to work on your Android, iOS or other brand device.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and its rules are identical to those played in casinos. Mobile Blackjack has a similar interface as that of computer-based digital versions. Players can place bets and indicate whether they like to hit, double down, stand or split by tapping their device’s keypad.

If you want to play Blackjack for fun, then choose a game that lets you do so without putting real money on the line. If, however, you like gambling games and want the thrill of seeing your winnings (or losses!) accrue in real time – on any device.

Blackjack FAQs

What types of Blackjack exist?

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Progressive Blackjack
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Super Fun 21
  • Spanish 21
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Pontоon

What are the basic rules of Blackjack, how does one play it?

In blackjack, the goal is to get as close to 21 without going over. If you go over 21 – in other words, if your total exceeds 23 – you bust and lose immediately. At first you’ll be dealt 2 cards; then after that has been done once and twice respectively (and there’s no more betting happening) a third card will be dealt for both players simultaneously. After you receive your first two cards, the dealer gives you a third one.

When is the best time to ask for another card and when should you stay in your hand at Blackjack?

Here are some do’s and don’ts when playing Blackjack:

  • Always ask for a 3rd card when you have 11 or under;
  • Always stand with a hard 17 (no Ace);
  • Always stand with a soft 19 or more;
  • Always ask for a card with a soft 17 or less.

What is Split in Blackjack?

When you have two identical cards in most blackjack versions, you can choose to split them and play each as a separate hand. Your bet will double if the dealer doesn’t beat both hands (in which case your winnings are tripled). In poker, if you hold two hands that are not similar and have different chances of winning, it is best to split the pair into two separate hands. Splitting tens or other high-ranking pairs will help decrease the variance in your game. However, splitting low-value pairs (like fours through queens) will only reduce your overall winnings without improving individual hand’s expected value.

What to do if we have 12 in Blackjack?

If we have a total of 12 at the first two cards, there are several options to play. We should say “Pass” if the dealer has 4, 5 or 6 because these numbers burn/lose us most often. But if 2 or 3 face up on their initial hand and 18 is set as minimum winning number by house rule then it’s best to take a new card instead of standing on 16 when you can beat your opponent with an ace in his hands.

Can we win against the casino at Blackjack?

In order to have a chance of beating the casino, it’s best to play Blackjack. With proper strategy and money management (knowing when enough is enough), you can beat the dealer – and win.

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