Casino Licenses by Region

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Casino Licenses Reviewed by Region

The iGaming industry is one of the most successful industries in the world. Although there is no clear legal framework, most countries have their own laws regarding online gambling. These laws may differ from one jurisdiction to another. For example, some jurisdictions implement stricter laws than others regarding the legality of online gambling. There are also certain regions in the world that make use of specific legislation allowing them to regulate online casino operators or provide industry services.

Malta flag Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the most reputable regulators in the online gambling industry. Obtaining a license from it will indicate that an online casino is a safe and secure place to gamble. As a result, all famous and respected brands hold a license from the MGA.

Check the list of the Malta Gaming Authority casinos.

Malta flagCuracao gambling casinos

Since 1996, Curaçao has become one of the most trustworthy regulators in online gaming due to its licensing services and information provider compliance. Curacao gambling casinos are some of the most legally stable providers worldwide, so they serve as excellent online casino options for players. Casino brands such as Rabona Casinos, MrB Casino and ZetCas pride themselves on having this internationally recognized license.

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United Kingdom flagUnіtеd Кіngdоm Lісеnѕеd Саѕіnоѕ

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission was established to regulate gambling activities in the UK. It is one of the most highly respected authorities in the gaming world, since its establishment it has been legalizing land-based and online casinos. The most important thing about the Commission is that it ensures a safe and fair gambling environment for punters in the UK. What makes this body stand out from others is its security protocol, which protects player funds. For this reason, we believe that every UK licensed casino is completely trustworthy.

Cyprus flag Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction in Cyprus

To obtain a Cyprus Gambling License, you must comply with strict guidelines. The National Betting Authority reviews applications and issues licenses to prospective betting shops and online operators. In general, Cyprus does offer and encourage infrastructures for gaming. However, gambling at an online casino is not allowed on the territory of Cyprus. Sports betting is the only form of online gambling allowed on the territory of Cyprus.

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Italy flag Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction in Italy

Italy is quite liberal regarding gambling laws. To operate legally, an online casino must obtain a license from the Italian government. Players should not be surprised by the wide variety of casinos available in Italy. However, it is important to determine which brands will live up to your expectations. We recommend Wishmaker, Slotnite, Spinia Casino and N1 Online Casino. Make sure you visit these casinos while enjoying your pasta in the picturesque country of Italy!

United States flag Licensed Casinos in the United States

Nevada Casino License

In the early 1850s, gambling in Nevada sparked controversy over whether such activities should be prohibited or allowed. In 1861, it was strictly forbidden to participate and participate in gambling activities. During this period severe penalties were applied. In 1864, a law was passed in an attempt to legalize gambling at one point. However, the only result was that the penalties were significantly reduced for those who organized gambling activities and none for those who gambled. It wasn’t until 1896 that the Nevada state legislature finally succeeded in decriminalizing certain forms of gambling. Despite a ban on winnings in 1909, later in 1919, gambling halls were allowed to open in some parts of the state. Later, during the Great Depression, gambling was finally seen as a prosperous opportunity and in 1931 many games of chance were legalized. Since then the gambling industry in the country has been expanding ever since and the state became iconic for its land-based casinos. Years later, in 2013, Nevada became the first state in the U.S. to have licensed and regulated online poker rooms operating within the state. The state was also one of the first to legalize online sports betting.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, established in 1955 and created by legislation within the Nevada Tax Commission, was charged with regulating gambling activities and preventing unwanted elements from gaining a foothold in the industry. Protecting casinos was its main objective, but with the advent of modern technologies, online gambling has become popular and is not unknown to players in Nevada. That’s why the Control Board also became responsible for issuing licenses to online casinos.

Arizona Casino License

The state of Arizona allows residents to gamble online. If you live in Arizona, you can start gambling right away. The path to the legalization of online casinos and sports gambling in any U.S. state was dotted with obstacles, and the great state of Arizona was no exception. Currently, online gambling is not allowed in the state, but we are hopeful that online casinos will slowly start making their way to the state.

In 2019, Arizona lawmakers introduced legislation to legalize sports betting. Although the bill had limited support and was opposed by local tribes, political observers predicted that after PASPA was struck down by the Supreme Court, Arizona would work to push through legislation to legalize online sports gambling.

As of now, Arizona’s Department of Gaming regulates online sports betting in the state. It issues licenses to approved operators and can be found online here.

Michigan Casino License

Michigan laws cover everything from operator licenses to winners’ taxes. The Michigan Gaming Control Board oversees land-based casinos and online gambling in this state. Since online gambling is legal here, don’t be surprised if some of the best online gambling sites for American players reside in Michigan. You may be familiar with Nevada’s strange laws, but don’t let that scare you off from playing at online casinos in Michigan; this state has regulations for online gambling just like any other state. If you want to find out more about gambling laws in Michigan, check out the state’s Gaming Control and Revenue Act.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board and the Michigan Gaming Commission are responsible for regulating all aspects of gambling in Michigan, including online casinos. Anyone who wants to open a casino must apply for a license from these agencies. The application process is straightforward, and there are few mandatory requirements. In most cases, you must provide proof of identity (for yourself) or identification of any company you represent. After that, you pay an application fee and pay annual licensing costs for the first year of operation. Once everything is complete, the agencies review your application against their guidelines and regulations; if everything checks out, then they issue casino licenses in accordance with the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act.

Pennsylvania Casino License

Pennsylvania has joined the ranks of New Jersey as one of the few states where online gambling is legal and regulated. Online casinos must be owned or affiliated with a land-based casino within Pennsylvania. An interesting fact about unregulated online gambling is that it is actually illegal only for operators, not players. Players can choose any casino to play at, whether or not it is regulated by the state. This can be risky for players because if there were a dispute, Pennsylvania may side with the operator instead of the player because they have not been licensed by the state. Since this has happened before with other states, some offshore casinos choose not to offer their online casinos within Pennsylvania borders.

New Jersey Casino License

The second biggest gaming center in the US is the state of New Jersey. All types of land-based casino games are legalized there. The permission to carry out the activities of the gambling business in the territory of the state was received at the initiative of the citizens and based on the results of the local referendum. The first casino in New Jersey was opened in 1978. Today, 12 casinos are operating in this state. The gambling industry in New Jersey is also regulated by law and under the strict control of special departments. As in Nevada, the gambling business in New Jersey is controlled by two gambling regulators, one being the New Jersey Casino Control Commission (NJCCC) which is the state government agency. It has multiple powers in most segments of the gaming industry. The department structure has five special units: the licensing department, the appeals department, the tax department, the legal and administrative sectors, and the second regulator is the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. , NJDGE) is a special administration of the State Department of Justice.

West Virginia Casino License

Gambling in West Virginia is similar to that in other states. West Virginia has recently made it possible for legalized and regulated online casinos to operate within the state while also being tied to a land-based casino. Many online casinos from abroad operate within the state and compete with licensed and regulated casinos, but technically they are behaving illegally and it is also considered a misdemeanor (although this does not affect players) to have players play on them. In any event, the operators of such websites are abroad and therefore outside the legal reach of West Virginia. The State Lottery oversees any casino-style games, so online operators who want more information about how to legally conduct gambling activities can apply for a license with the West Virginia Lottery Commission by clicking here .

The United States is known as the capital of the gaming world. Each year, more online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms open up than the previous year. Tourists flock to US cities for legal gambling opportunities that are tightly regulated by law enforcement officials.

It’s hard to predict how online games will evolve. Online gambling is now legal in many states, but its regulations are still being implemented by the government. We expect more states to begin regulating different kinds of online gambling soon.

Denmark flag Denmark Licensed Casinos

Denmark has an exemplary online gambling industry, which is overseen by the Danish Gambling Authority and has high tax rates. The Authority was founded in 2012, when the country eased its gambling regulations. Online casinos such as Jackie Jackpot, 888 Casino, and Mr Green Casino can now be accessed in Denmark.

Bulgaria flag Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has one of the highest numbers of online casino players in Europe, and a number of casinos licensed within its borders. The Gambling Act 2008 made gambling legal, and the State Commission on Gambling monitors fraud and illegal behavior from operators. We recommend you visit Tsars Casino, Casoo Casino, Cobra Casino or True Flip Casino if you live in Bulgaria.

Check the list of the licensed casinos in Bulgaria.

Sweden flag Sweden Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction

The Swedish Gambling Authority (Spelinspektionen) aims to provide players with a safe gaming environment by maintaining a transparent iGaming market. It is true that Sweden’s online casino industry is relatively new, but it is also fair to say that the Authority does an excellent job of ensuring that all companies registered under its jurisdiction comply with the law. If you see the stamp of approval from Spelinspektionen on an online casino’s website, then rest assured that this casino is secure and trustworthy.

Estonia flag Estonia Licensed Casinos

Estonia has only recently become a popular gambling destination. The country legalized online gambling in 2010, but the market is still relatively new. As of July 2020, there are 20 licensed gambling operators in Estonia, 16 of which are online casinos. Although Estonia’s online casinos are new to the scene, they are well-regulated by the Estonian Gambling Authority and offer an entertaining betting experience at TonyBet Casino, BetSafe Casino, and Ninja Casino.

Panama - A Brief Look at the Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction

To protect gamblers and the industry, the Panama Gambling Authority was established in 2002. It offers licenses for online casinos in Panama and ensures that all license-holders comply with the imposed laws. By creating a transparent gambling industry, the authority prevents players from being exposed to risks. If you would like to try playing at Tsars Casino, Casoo Casino or Nomini Casino, you will be surprised by how effective this authority can be.

Belgium flag Belgium Licensed Casinos

Belgium is one of a few countries that have legalized online gambling. The Belgium Gaming Commission regulates online casinos on its territory, issuing licenses to operators and acting as a watchdog. The Commission has proven its excellence by satisfying even the most demanding online casino players.

Spanish flag Spanish Licensed Casinos

As recently as 2012, Spain had no regulatory authority for its gambling industry. This lack of oversight resulted in all gambling activities being conducted in a legal grey area. However, the Spanish government has since made a change for the better by creating an agency to oversee online casinos and other iGaming sites. Now that this agency has been established, players can rest assured that they are playing at a safe and secure website!

French flag French Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction

The French are known for their love of the roulette wheel, which was invented in France in the 17th century. Gambling is legal throughout the country as long as you are over 18 years of age. However, online casinos in France have to pay high taxes on their profits because the government wants to discourage people from gambling online and instead encourage them to go to land-based casinos.

Austria flag Austrian Licensed Casinos

Austria is yet another jurisdiction in which a particular brand can obtain a license to operate lawfully. The Gambling Act–enforced by the OVWG-affects different regions differently. For instance, Vienna is permitted to have fewer casinos per person than other regions because of its dense population. As far as online gambling is concerned, Austria’s laws dictate that companies based on its territory are eligible for online gambling licenses via web, mobile devices, and interactive TV; however, only Austrian residents are allowed to use them.

Greece flag Greece – Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction

The Hellenic Gaming Commission oversees all types of gambling activity in Greece. It meets strict standards with regard to game fairness, security protocols and anti-fraud policies–and protects players’ rights. This makes the commission one of the most reliable in the industry. If an online casino doesn’t have a license from this organization, it won’t be legally allowed to operate in Greece. Some brands with Greek licenses include Tsars Casino, Casoo Casino and Rabona Casino.

Portugal flag Portugal Casino License

Portugal’s iGaming market is one of the most liberal in the world. The country’s laws allow foreign operators to offer their services to Portuguese customers, and Portugal has a long history with gambling activities. Today, online casinos are legal in Portugal and can be found at sites like EgoCasino, FezBet and True Flip.

Romania flagRomania Casino License

The gambling history of Romania is not well-documented, but we do know that the country is rich in resources. In 2010, the ONJN was established to regulate the gambling industry. To operate lawfully in Romania, an operator must be licensed by the ONJN. Otherwise, it will be forced to leave the market. The ONJN has taken great steps to create a transparent gambling environment in Romania–one that is safe and secure for all involved parties.

Switzerland flag Switzerland Casino License

Switzerland is one of the best places to live, as it has high living standards. However, gambling is prohibited by law in Switzerland. The country’s population does not seem to be interested in gambling; they prefer playing the lottery or visiting land-based casinos. We expect to see some changes in this regard in the near future.

Antigua and Barbuda Casinos - Online Casinos by License and Jurisdiction

Since 1994, the Financial Services Regulatory Commission has regulated all online gambling in Antigua and Barbuda. The Commission uses a thorough due diligence policy to create transparency and ensure a high degree of safety for players. In addition, Antigua and Barbuda belongs to the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) and has agreed upon a standard eGambling Protocol to guarantee fairness of games and high-quality services.

Kahnawake Licensed Casinos

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been regulating and granting licenses to a great number of online casino operators worldwide since 1994. The Commission’s core values are fair, honest and responsible gaming. It also has strong bonds with other gambling jurisdictions, including Antigua and Barbuda (2005), Malta (2006) and Alderney (2010). These relationships exemplify Kahnawake’s ambition to establish a strong and regulated iGaming market.

Isle of Man Licensed Casinos

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is one of the oldest gambling regulatory bodies in the world. It is accountable for all gambling activities in the self-governing British Crown dependency and strives to ensure that services offered by license holders are fair and transparent. By using a strong anti-fraud policy, protecting players’ interests, keeping crime out of the industry and working hard to keep young people safe from the negative effects of gambling, it comes as no surprise why many casino operators apply for a license from this organization.

What should you look for when choosing an online casino?

A licence is not the only thing we need to consider when choosing a casino website.

Reputation among players

Online casinos have a large number of registered players, and it’s always a good idea to read reviews written by these players. By doing this, you can find out more about specific brands and whether they have problems with them. Of course, you’ll find negative comments about even the best online casinos, so we advise you to read several reviews before making your final decision.

Secure payments

Online casinos must offer reliable and hassle-free payments to players. In addition, casino customers should have the option to pay using different methods. Casinos that offer only a few payment options will not be as popular among players.

Customer support

When choosing a licensed online casino, it is important to check out customer support options. You want to make sure there are several ways to get in touch with a representative of the brand. Also look for professionalism and speed from these representatives as signs of a good casino.

Live casino

As well as a casino licence, you should also look out for the games and software companies that provide them. Remember that you need to look at the variety of games rather than their number. Live casino games are also an essential factor that more bettors are starting to pay attention to; they are looking for at least the main live dealer games in a licensed online casino. Don’t forget to take a look at the limits imposed on these games.


Most online casinos offer bonuses to players. The campaigns usually include bonuses for new and existing customers. However, don’t forget that these bonuses may come with hard-to-meet terms.

Some Facts about Online Casino Licensing

The History of Licensing Authorities

When choosing an online casino to play at, the first thing you should take into account is whether or not that casino holds a license. This is because you want to be sure that the games are fair and that your money is protected. We believe that when you look into the history of each licensing authority, you can make smarter decisions about which one is doing a better job. By reading our reviews, you’ll be able to find out more interesting details about gambling licenses in different countries!

Huge Benefits for Choosing to Play at Licensed and Certified Casinos

One of the best aspects of playing at a certified, licensed and regulated online casino is that your personal and financial information is protected. Since there are many unregulated casinos out there, it’s important to choose a trustworthy site that will make sure you always have a great experience. We’ve personally hand-picked these casinos based on hundreds of hours of research to ensure they’re reputable brands with lots of positive customer feedback!

Major gambling commissions have strong anti-fraud policies in place.

When choosing an online casino, it’s important to check whether the operator is regulated. Cybercrime and money laundering have increased dramatically in recent years, which has led to stricter regulation of online gambling by authorities around the world. Fortunately, each of the gambling authorities we examined has strong policies in place to combat fraud. In fact, all relevant gambling commissions we researched utilize strong anti-fraud precautions–a safe approach that protects both customers and operators!

Online gambling Authority and players protections

Player protection is an important factor for each online casino. Each operator we work with takes steps to protect its customers. For example, they offer support to players who have issues with gambling addiction. They also audit all of their casinos in order to make sure that games are fair and not manipulated in any way. These authorities periodically draft legislation that encourages more and more operators to work with them in their region, giving players even more choices when it comes to entertainment! Last but certainly not least, rest assured that each gambling authority can be contacted personally by any player who has any issues with a casino!

What can suggest while searching for licensed casino?

Gambling authorities are important for online casinos. They regulate a casino’s activity and provide helpful regulations and requirements for the casino to follow in order to obtain a valid license. It is a win-win situation for both sides: The casino gets certified and is able to function with a valid license, and the gambling authority ensures that players have fun playing at regulated brands!

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