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Best Casinos in Switzerland

Before 2018, Swiss players couldn’t legally access online gambling sites outside of the country. But in 2018, Switzerland legalized online gambling through a new law called The Federal Act on Money Games.

The Swiss government has recently allowed online casinos to operate in the country. But, this new law also makes it illegal for Swiss players to play at overseas and out-of-country gambling websites. This review will discuss current opportunities for online casinos, so keep on reading down below.

Best Online Casinos in Switzerland for 2024

Our Top Switzerland Online Casinos Meet the Following Criteria

When we recommend online casinos to our Swiss readers, we go beyond what a typical online casino review would consider. We look at the license and certificate information as well as the security software installed on each of their sites.

Casino Bonuses for Switzerland

Casinos offer a variety of bonuses for new and regular players. These include welcome bonuses, weekly and monthly cashback percentages, weekend reloads and Free Spins. If you make good use of these bonuses, you will have more opportunities to shoot for big wins.

Online Gambling Status in Switzerland

The vast majority of Swiss citizens enjoy gambling, whether they prefer land-based or online casinos. Prior to 2018, offshore gamblers had to travel abroad if they wanted to bet on sports events or poker games conducted by native operators in other countries.

In 2018, the Federal Act on Money Games came into effect, making it legal for Swiss players to participate in online gambling on offshore and out-of-country websites that hold a Swiss gambling license. This same law also made it illegal for non-Swiss players to play on such websites.

Switzerland Online Casinos FAQ

Is online gambling in Switzerland legit?

On Swiss online gambling websites, online gambling was fully legalized in 2018.

What are the rules and regulations of online casinos in Switzerland?

In 2018, the Federal Act on Money Games legalized online gambling for native operators in Switzerland. It also outlawed playing at offshore websites for Swiss natives.

Are my winnings from gambling in Switzerland taxable?

Winnings from small international games, non-licensed lotteries and games of skill for sales promotions are tax-free as long as they are licensed by the cantonal authorities. Winnings from foreign casino sites or non-licensed games are fully taxed.

Do I need to know specific laws about gambling?

As a Swiss resident looking to gamble online, it is important to choose an online gaming site licensed by the Swiss government. That way, you won’t run into any troubles and will have the best possible player experience.

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