Bitstarz Piggy Bank – How it Works?

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Bitstarz Piggy Bank Bonus

Bitstarz Casino, famous for its creative promotions and exciting gaming adventures, has once more impressed its audience! This time, they introduce players to a thrilling new offer named “Break the Piggy Bank.”

You’ll receive hammers randomly that can crack open your Piggy Bank! However, not all hammers are the same: some may only crack it open partially, some may fully smash it open, and some may not work at all. If you successfully crack open your bank, you can claim the cash with just a 1x wagering requirement!

How does it work?

The concept of this promotion is straightforward: The more you wager, the quicker your piggy bank fills with money!

As your Piggy Bank grows, you’ll receive hammers at random, but not everyone can hit the jackpot – you’ll have to discover the perfect tool for the task.

Get the right Hammer! - Piggy Bank by Bitstarz

You must obtain the correct hammer to break open the Piggy Bank! Continue playing and collecting hammers, as any one could unlock your piggy bank and bring you great rewards.

Piggy banks are adjusted according to a player’s gaming history. Each player begins with a unique piggy bank size that reflects their previous activity. If this activity increases, so does the piggy bank size. VIPs typically have larger piggy banks compared to non-VIP players.

How to get the winnings?

You’ve got 29 days to break your Piggy Bank. The progress bar indicates the level of damage inflicted on your piggy bank, which includes five distinct states:

  1. Not broken
  2. Small crack
  3. Medium crack
  4. Big crack
  5. Broken piggy

Once you’ve found the ideal hammer and bid farewell to your ceramic companion, the money inside is yours to claim. Simply bet it once, and then you can withdraw your winnings without any restrictions! Bet your cash prize once, and it’s yours to claim.

If you miss the deadline for the Piggy Bank, you’ll have to begin anew.

How to get there?

You’ll notice a little piggy icon as soon as you enter the casino and it’d ready to be used as soon as you login to your account or create one!

Bitstarz Piggy Bank - where is it?

Get Your Piggy Bank

When playing for the Piggy Bank, dont forget to use our bonus code NODEPOSLOTS, to get 30 free spins additionally!

Questions and Answers

Do all games count towards filling up the piggy bank and earning hammers?

All games add to the piggy bank and offer players the opportunity to win the correct hammer to smash it open.

How can I increase my Piggy Bank savings more quickly?

The faster your piggy bank grows, the more hammers you’ll earn.

What occurs if I fail to open the Piggy Bank before the 29-day deadline?

Failure to smash the piggy bank within 29 days will result in the removal of all coins deposited during that time. You will only have the original amount from 29 days ago, with the piggy bank still intact.

What are the chances of receiving a hammer that can smash the Piggy Bank?

Obtaining a hammer is based on luck, but playing more improves your chances of obtaining the correct hammer to break the piggy bank.

What growth rate does the Piggy Bank achieve from my bets?

The Piggy Bank’s growth rate increases in proportion to the amount wagered. Wagering more accelerates its growth.

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