Dream Drop Jackpot Is in the Super Hot Mode

Dream Drop Jackpot Is in the Super Hot Mode

Super Hot Mode Is On: Dream Drop Jackpot Nears the €3 Million Mark!

TheDream Drop Jackpot at Relax Gaming is getting hot. The prize has passed the 2.954 million euro mark and is now in “Super Hot Mode,” which could soon see it hit 3 million euros. Players around the world are excited about this milestone.

The Relax Gaming Dream Drop jackpot has made history since its launch in May 2022. The jackpot has been hit 11 times so far, and the next win will be its 12th–the largest one yet. Previous jackpot amounts are €2.706M, €2.608M, €2.311M, €2.408M, €1.992M, €1.886M, €1.457M, €1.486M, €997K, and €924K. As we approach 3 million euros in winnings for this popular game, players worldwide are becoming increasingly excited.

Dream Drop is a popular game among Relax Gaming’s players, who have enjoyed its thrilling gameplay and progressive jackpots. In December 2023, Relax Gaming will launch Galactic Racers Dream Drop, the newest addition to the Dream Drop series.

This year, Dream Drop has undergone a few changes. The biggest change was the revision of its mechanics. The initial jackpot prize was set at 10 million euros; however, to increase the frequency of payouts and keep players interested longer, the Mega jackpot will now be capped at 3 million euros–meaning that it will only hit if Dream Drop has not already paid out 3 million euros previously.

The worldwide gaming community eagerly anticipates the next jackpot win from Dream Drop, a revolutionary game that blends thrilling gameplay with life-changing payouts.

About Dream Drop

Dream Drop is a top-quality gaming experience from Relax Gaming, the world’s leading provider of online casino games. It features five linked progressive global jackpots and can be enjoyed in an exciting and immersive way.

The progressive Dream Drop Jackpot offers five levels of increasing payout, starting at the minimum and going up to a maximum.

MEGA: Starts with a guaranteed prize of €500,000, with one more chance to win an additional €1,000,000.

MAJOR: Start with €25,000, must win level €50,000.

MAXI: Start Value €100

MIDI: Start Value €5

RAPID: Start Value €1

The Dream Drop jackpot feature sets it apart from other games. Every time you play, you’re guaranteed to win a prize–creating excitement and anticipation.

Dream Drop is a lottery game with high frequency, high value and high action. The Mega Jackpot increases by 500k euro every two wins, up to a cap of 3 million euros.

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