Exclusive Interview: How Good Are iPhone Casinos Today?

How good are iPhone Casinos today? Interview by Katy Saari

It has been a long time since all new casino games were built on HTML5, and all online casinos become mobile-responsive. However, does that mean that these platforms offer consistent quality across different Apple devices? To understand the quality of iPhone casinos today, we consulted Kati Saari, the slots expert at Bojoko.

With over a decade of experience in the iGaming industry, specialising in slot games, Kati’s insights are invaluable. Her job involves actively testing casinos and slots and, among other things, testing just how well they work on different devices. Her voice, experience and insights are part of the basis of the ranked list of iPhone casinos that can be found on Bojoko.

In this exclusive interview, Kati shares her expertise on the current state of iPhone casinos, with a particular focus on how slot games function and their performance across different Apple devices.

Kati, with your extensive background in slots, could you explain how Bojoko approaches the evaluation of iPhone casinos, particularly for slot games?

At Bojoko, we meticulously assess how slot games perform on various iPhone models. This includes checking how well they load, their responsiveness to touch inputs, and overall stability across different iOS versions.

Our reviews aim to ensure that players have a seamless and engaging gaming experience, particularly when using the game library, making deposits and withdrawals, and, of course, actually playing the games themselves.

Given the rapid advancement in mobile technology, are iPhone casinos now uniformly optimised, or do you still find variations in quality?

While the industry has made significant strides in mobile optimisation, we still observe a spectrum of quality among iPhone casinos. Some brands have excelled in creating a superb mobile user experience that adapts flawlessly across all Apple devices. In contrast, others have yet to fully optimise their platforms, particularly in terms of layout and user interface.

What common issues do you encounter with iPhone casinos that don’t meet your standards for slot game performance?

We often see issues with slot games that have not been properly optimised for mobile use. This can include slow loading times, graphics that don’t adjust well to smaller screens, or touch controls that aren’t as responsive as they should be. These problems can significantly detract from the gaming experience, which is something we highlight in our reviews to inform potential players.

How does Bojoko help players navigate these differences in iPhone casino quality, specifically for slots?

We provide comprehensive reviews that detail the performance of slot games on various iPhone models. Our reviews are designed to inform players about what to expect in terms of gameplay, functionality, and responsiveness. This transparency helps them make informed choices about where to play based on reliable and thorough evaluations.

We also have a ranked list of what we consider to be the best casinos for iPhone users.

Do you anticipate any advancements in terms of iPhone casinos and slots in the near future?

I keep waiting to see what will happen with VR and augmented reality. Some steps have already been taken, but they are not happening as fast as I originally thought they would.

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